Pi clouds

or the simple sky motion simulation in which every single cloud is generated using pi's digits (3 then 1 then 4 etc... )

This artistic project is all about thinking on randomness and on the link between maths and nature. 

Even if there is not much to do, you can take the opportunity to take a break and to contemplate the sky, calm and yet so unpredictable ...

After that the algorithm has generated the 880th cloud, using the 879th pi digit, it starts calling a "random number generator" which chooses a number between 9 and 0. The goal of this is to observe the differences between a random numbers sequence generated with a computer and a number sequence featuring the pi digits, from the perspective of representing natural phenomenons.

This simulation is using Phaser.js.

I hope you'll enjoy.

3.14159265 3589793238462643 3832795 02884 197 16 939937 5 1 0 5 8 2 0 9 7  4  9  4  4  5  9    2     3    0    7      8        16     . . .


The following sonnet is a mnemonic for pi to 75 decimal places :

Now I defy a tenet gallantly
Of circle canon law: these integers

Importing circles' quotients are, we see,

Unwieldy long series of cockle burs

Put all together, get no clarity;
Mnemonics shan't describeth so reformed
Creating, with a grammercy plainly,

A sonnet liberated yet conformed.

Strangely, the queer'st rules I manipulate

Being followéd, do facilitate

Whimsical musings from geometric bard.

This poesy, unabashed as it's distressed,
Evolvéd coherent - a simple test,
Discov'ring poetry no numerals jarred.

Each word's length represents a pi digit :

"Now I defy a tenet"
    3  ,  1     4    1   5 ....

ps : this simulation is not using any 3d engine, I tried to make an illusion of relief and water reflection. Even if the most attentive among you will notice that the exponential function which defines the distance between the clouds is badly calibrated since the perspective seems strange ... I work there ...

AuthorAnicet Ngrt
Made withPhaser
Tagsartgame, sky
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button, Textless

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